September 19 2016

Fly Quotes: Gobi Rahimi On Tupac Shakur

tupac“Tupac had a voice. The one thing he didn’t have was subtlety. If he had continued on the same path he had been on, someone who have taken him out. He as disruptive, and he was a threat. He was a threat to the establishment. I don’t know who took him out. But whoever took him out took out someone very important who could have dome a lot for African Americans and humanity as a whole.”

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February 7 2014

Music History Fact Of The Week: Tupac Was Slated To Star In Higher Learning

Get Off My Wings LogoTupac was slated to star in the movie, “Higher Learning.” However, his “legal troubles” stop his appearance in the film. According to a biography on the legendary figure: “By the end of 1993, Sony execs were pushing hard for John Singleton to drop Tupac from the cast of Higher Learning even though the lead role had been written for him. He’d become in a manner of speaking, radioactive. Singleton was miffed, but there was little he could do as Sony, not wanting a part of the controversy took a pass on Tupac.” -From, “Tupac Shakur” By: McQuillar & Johnson

[SIDEBAR: Independent owned & operated Black businesses are necessities.]

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