December 1 2017

Fly Quotes: Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill“Since those who believe they need a hero/celebrity outnumber the actual heroes/celebrities, people feel safe and comfortably justified in numbers, committing egregious crimes in the name of the greater social ego, ironically diminishing their own true hero-celebrity nature in the process.” -Lauryn Hill

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February 21 2014

Love Your Life: The Message

Buy Black Fridays“Our podium, what we have to speak from, is the music. It’s really important that we stay focused because things become misconstrued in the media. So we have to stick firm to who we are and stand our ground musically. We have to make sure the music and the message and the words and all the elements come through in our songs and every time we appear in public…A lot of us are too busy focusing on what we think people want to hear, as opposed to just saying what’s in our hearts.” -Lauryn Hill

Have a fly day!

Lots of Love,


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