February 19 2016

Love Your Life: The Dropped Jewel Of The Day (2/19/16)

Buy Black Friday“Be the best you can be. Don’t make it a contect. If there is a [person] ypu must beat, it’s that [person] inside you that’s luring you away from responsibility. Everybody’s so busy trying to be better than the next [person], they overlook their own development. Instead of stepping on each others, pushing each other down, dividing ourselves as we claw our way to the top, creating winners and losers, let’s all of us be men together and make things move.” -DMC

Lots of Love,


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February 8 2016

Currently Reading…

Always Wear Joy“Always Wear Joy: My Mother Bold And Beautiful” By: Susan Fales-Hill

[SIDEBAR: For my generation, this book is about the woman who played Dwayne and Whitley's landlord on A Different World. She's a multi-talented show business legend.]

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