January 3 2018

Rappers Read Dictionaries Challenge: The 2018 Edition

Rappers Read Dictionaries Part 1The last book I completed reading in 2017 was, The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of The English Language Volume 1 (A-Na). In 2018, I aim to finish reading Volume 2 of the two-volume set. As you can see from the above-posted pictures, volume one was well traveled. I carried it around with me quite a bit, and it’s a bit worse for the wear. I’m not sure if Volume 2 will fare any better. Lol.

It is important for artists who use words to paint their pictures to be knowledgeable of the words that exist; for they are the colors that we use to fill our canvas.

What dictionaries will my fellow-writers be reading this year?

Lots of Love,


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